A Week of QBT’s by the Count of 3…

A Week of QBT’s by the Count of 3…


There’s nothing like a refresher before the start of a busy week! So here’s a  3-minute review of our IMBC Quick Business Tips (QBT’s) #7, #8, and #9.  You can also catch up on QBT’s 1-3 and 4-6.

QBT #7: Be Patient

When you’re building a business, it takes time to make it successful.

Chart out a realistic plan to reach certain milestones. Follow the plan by taking small steps. You’ll be able to look back later and appreciate how far you’ve traveled.

QBT’s #8: Be Confident

Always, acknowledge your strengths and the value of your products or services. This gives others reason to appreciate you and your business.

In contrast, when you underestimate yourself, others will sense the lack of confidence and underestimate you – and what you do – too.

QBT #9: Be Ambitious

Running a business means you’ll be spending most of your energy on ensuring everything is running smoothly.

But keep in mind you need to focus on the present and the future at the same time! Be ambitious and keep working on getting to the next level – otherwise you’ll find yourself at the same place 10 years down the line.

You’re off to a successful week! What are some business tips that inspire you? Let us know in the comments below.

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