Three Tips to Help You Succeed!

Three Tips to Help You Succeed!

shutterstock_204503761-blogHere’s a quick review before the holiday break of QBT’s #16, #17, #18.

You can also review QBT’s #: 1-34-67-910-12, 13-15.

shutterstock_169237886-500QBT: #16 – Know Your Goals

It’s important to establish your goals before negotiating a new business deal or contract.

In order to get the “best” deal, it’s more effective to know your goals before, instead of waiting to see what the other party is offering and then improving the terms. If you know your goals, you’re more likely to meet them by the time negotiations are over.

shutterstock_204950146-500QBT #17 – Consult the “Experts”

When we need advice, we tend to ask family, business partners, or even industry experts. It’s good to do this but sometimes it’s good to ask someone who is not familiar with your business.

An outsider may be more open to new ideas. They’ll be able to enlighten and advise you in a better way than individuals familiar with your business or industry.

Seek advice (from all kinds of “experts”) and listen!

shutterstock_216692692-500QBT #18 – Take Responsibility

Your customers want to get the service or product you promise them. It doesn’t matter what technical issues you experience along the way (deliveries, low staffing, etc.). As long as you keep your promise.

Even if these issues are “beyond your control,” you’ll need to take responsibility and offer a smooth customer experience. You can try to make it up to your customers with extra benefits or discounts, after taking full responsibility.

Review and Relax :)

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