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How is business consulting different from business coaching?

A business consultant typically works on one or two very specific issues over a shorter time frame. Consultants focus on a specific problem within the BUSINESS. The focus tends to be narrow and geared towards a particular area of concern.

Coaching, on the other hand, is about the OWNER. It is built around what matters to them. Meaningful and effective coaching creates a frame of reference where it is possible for the client to find solutions. By enabling the business owner to come up with solutions themselves, confidence and satisfaction results empowering the owner to lead beyond their expectations. Generally, a coach works with the business owner over a longer time frame and helps the owner build the skill sets to deal with the most pressing issues in the business.

A recent study by the National Federation of Independent Businesses found that 70% of small business owners turn to spouses or family members for the majority of their business advice - and we know that most small businesses eventually fail!

Being great in your area of skill (s) does not necessarily equate to running a business successfully. This is where Joel Klein, CPBC comes in, to meet with you, the owner, to set goals, create strategy, ensure proper actions are being taken, provide tools, consult and/or coach the owner and train staff, measure results, and refine strategies.