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Introducing our breakthrough
Indicator Test!

The Immediate Business Indicator is the first strategic analytics tool that indicates the effectiveness of of each area in your business from a 360° angle.


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What's the Indicator?


This self-assessment will take about 20 minutes and will help you to understand the effectiveness of your business. Awareness of your present status is a necessary first step to reach higher levels of performance.

The Business Indicator is a breakthrough business tool that collects key information about your business. It analyzes your business strengths and weaknesses, generating detailed reports and graphs to measure the effectiveness of key components of your business. The Indicator provides business owners with unparalleled clarity, and enables them to create a strong plan of action to improve processes and effectiveness in the workspace. If you are committed to taking your business to the next level, this tool is for you. The Indicator is designed to help you identify strengths and weaknesses of your business in each key area.

How many questions are in the test?

The test consists of 100 questions, targeting 10 different categories in business.

What happens after I got the Indicator Report that clearly indicates the strengths and weaknesses in each area of my business?

Following the unprecedented popularity of the Immediate Business Indicator at the expo, we have already made this groundbreaking tool even better. Within the past few days, we have completed the development of the 90-day action plan, which Indicator users will receive as an automated response - enabling them to advance towards positive change immediately!

What will I learn?

This tool will open your eyes and will learn strategies to improve your business including: Develop more effective marketing
⇒ Improve your sales skills
⇒ Hiring, training and managing your staff
⇒ Creating systems to operate your business at peak efficiency and, ultimately, work less while earning more
⇒ Understand your financial statements
⇒ Define success
⇒ Get organized
⇒ Business planning
⇒ Goal-setting
⇒ Leadership
⇒ Customer service
⇒ And much, much more...

Photos from Our Launch

Ben Brafman

Defense Attorney Ben Brafman discussing the Indicator details with Innovator and Founder Joel Klein, CPBC in front of the Indicator VIP lounge at Parnassah Expo 2014.

Charlie Harary

Charlie Harary observing the breakthrough Indicator tool with Joel Klein, CPBC.

Most Innovative Exhibitor Award

Joel Klein, CPBC accpeting the award for Most Innovative Exhibitor at Parnassah Expo 2014.

Duvi Honig

Duvi Honig from Parnassah Expo stopping by the Indicator booth.

Get to know your business!

Take the Indicator test now and receive a beautiful 20-page report detailing every aspect of your business that needs improvement.

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What people say

"The immediate business indicator demonstrates a firm understanding about what it takes to run a successful business, and the 90 day action plan tool offers an extreme level of commitment to clients success."

- Mrs. Chaya Fishman, founder and president of
The Jewish Woman Entrepreneur (JWE)

"The Parnassah Expo's goal is to cater to business people at any stage and empower them to be even more successful, Immediate Marketing and Business Consulting, and the 'Business Indicator,' have proven to be trailblazers in the same mission."

- Reb Duvi Honig

"I plan to take the Indicator myself, though I won't tell anyone the results. What I see here is a tremendous amount of professionalism and knowledge."

- Chesky Kauftheil